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Cariño Catering

It’s Lunch O’clock!
With our fresh and nourishing meals for your kids!

Cariño Catering specializes in providing affordable, scratch made, tasty, and nutritious lunches to elementary school kids and daycares.

We take pride in our carefully crafted multicultural food menus. We offer Daily Hot Lunch Programs and School Hot Lunch Programs.

We are a local family owned business making lunch time easy since 2012.

We currently service Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby with plans to expand.


BC is a melting pot of all kinds of cultures. We have crafted extensive multicultural and fusion menus options to encourage kids to not only eat what they’re familiar with, but also step outside of their comfort zone.


We are reliable and accurate with your orders. Meal time is on a schedule and therefore so are we. We are organized and always deliver on time.


We encourage open communication about any needs, concerns, or questions. We strive to improve and satisfy our customers.


All our meals are made fresh daily using fresh and whole ingredients. Ripe and crisp fruits and vegetables with fresh proteins are the ingredients we look for.


We are completely nut free. We cater to any allergy or food preference. If it’s not already an option, we will try to make it one. We aim to create a hearty and tasty meal for every child.


We strive to ensure each meal we create is well balanced. We keep up to date with BC’s food and nutrition guidelines to provide quality and nutritious meals.

Contact Us for your School Hot Lunch Program

-munch a lunch & friendly
-deliver according to your needs (by division, item, etc)
-large variety of menu selection
-allergy/food preference friendly

We meet all VSB requirements:
-City of Vancouver Business License
-$5M Commercial Liability Insurance
-Food Premise Operating Permit
-$2M Automobile Insurance
-Worker Compensation Insurance

Daycare Catering

Contact Us for your Daycare Lunch Program

We Offer:
-monthly menus with something new every day
-snacks with every meal (fruit, muffins, seasonal treats, etc)
-milder but flavourful food combinations
-easy to eat food sizes and portions
-bowls and cutlery for place setting
-we handle the dirty dishes and provide a fresh set every day

Contact Us for your next event

-customer specific curated menus
-for affordable to elevated budgets
-let us know what you’re looking for!

Visit Our Food Store

(778) 928-0003

8886 Hudson Street
Vancouver, B.C, V6P 4N2

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